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You'll Love how Pretty in Traditional Cheongsam These Chinese Women Look

International Dating Tips · Oct. 28, 2020

Cheongsam culture has a history of more than one hundred years in China. The Chinese cheongsam is a representative of traditional female clothing and one of the most charming Chinese symbols. This traditional dress can fully reflect the intellectual and elegant temperament of Chinese women.


Today, we would like to introduce some sexy Chinese women for you, they look extremely pretty in Traditional Cheongsam.


Today's Chinese Top 4 Woman Are Pretty In Traditional Cheongsam


Ms L2441197-Ann


We are starting off today's list with gorgeous Ann, a 45-year-old woman from Shanghai, in China. Ann describes herself easygoing, caring, family oriented and empathetic. She is looking for a man who is gentle and caring.



Ms L1062155-Cindy


The second woman on our list today is Cindy, a 24-year-old girl from Guiyang, in China. The cute girl describes herself as sweet, sunshine, tender, romantic, passionate, sincere, warm-hearted woman. Shes is good at cooking and would love to cook for her beloved man. She is very sincere and serious to seek for a true love.



Ms L1937610-Connie


Sitting comfortably in the middle of our list today is sweet 20-year-old Connie. She comes from Changsha, in China. She says she enjoys life and cherishes every day. She loves all kinds of sports, especially yoga. She is a passionate and hot girl. She is looking for a caring and kind future man.


Ms L3179713-Alice


Last on our girls in Cheongsam dresses list today is a beautiful Business woman, Alice. Alice is 36 years old who comes from Shenzhen, in China. She describes herself as cheerful, sexy and independent. She mentions that she comes from a business family and she has little time to get together with her family. She feels alone all the time and needs love and accompany from Mr. Right.



Hope you enjoyed today's Top 4 list of our Traditional Cheongsam beauties.  If you want to know more about them, all you have to do is click on their profile name. For more cute Chinese girls you can chat with, visit Whispark and create a new account today. 


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